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The Haiku LoungeWelcome to the Endorphin Warrior Haiku Lounge

Here you can enjoy the winning haiku poems submitted to our annual haiku poetry contest, plus other beautiful haiku poems submitted by society members to our 2013, 2012 and 2011 contests.

The subject matter of our annual haiku poetry contest?  Submit a haiku (hi-coo) poem about any aspect of physical training, running, the beauty of movement, exertion, competition, cycling, fitness, endorphins, your sport… anything related to your experience, thoughts or feelings about the active lifestyle, working out vigorously or the body in motion.

Do you haiku?  You can join the fun next year.  Our 4th Annual Endorphin Warrior Haiku Poetry Contest 2014 will begin on next October 1, 2014.  Look for contest info coming in September 2014.

Our 1st Place Haiku – 2013

Blurry through the tears
Fighting to keep composure
This is for Boston
by Suzann Lankford

Our 2nd Place Haiku – 2013

slow trickles of sweat
erode yesterday’s tension
lost in this moment
by Scott Dean

Our 3rd Place Haiku – 2013

The body limber
Mind empty of attachments
Space and time succumb
by Paul Roasberry

Our 1st Place Haiku – 2012

One foot off the ground,
then another.  For a split
second I’m flying.
- by Ann Malokas

Our 2nd Place Haiku – 2012

Full trail marathon
wet and aching feet and joints
son ahead by hour
- by Sonny Marcelo

Our 3rd Place Haiku – 2012

Running through light rain
I’m at peace with each small drop
Never more alive
- by Kathleen Smith

Our 1st Place Haiku – 2011

Cold wind stealing breath
Slippery road under foot
Boston in two months
– by Trevor Boylston

Our 2nd Place Haiku – 2011

Resplendent, certain
My gift is more than runner;
I am energy
– by Keri-Lyn D.

Our 3rd Place Haiku – 2011

Recognized by few
Born through pain meant for my chain
Sprocket grease tattoo
– by Mike Davis

High Honors – 2013

Finish line in sight
Sudden pain chaos noise light
Hero in a hat
Trevor Boylston

The night air is brisk
Cadence is mesmerizing
One more mile to go
Christine Ford

Chrome fork glistening
street lights reflect in water
dance on wet pedals
Jean Pickard

My morning cup brews
I lace up running shoes
The door shuts behind me- Deb Laforest

Early morning run
Just me and the stars at first
Then the sun rises
Abigail Dickinson

Elegant Haiku,
Marrying Form and Function:
the elite runner
Karen LaMartina

mules once plied this path
towing barges filled with goods
I pedal through time
Michael Seese

out the drive I run
health cherished and improving
cancer lost this fight
Sue Monahan

T-shirt drops beside
My shoes; heavy, wet, soaked through.
My victory flag
- Brad Banks

Fifty miles complete.
A very long way to run.
I want a sandwich.
Beth Pretti


High Honors – 2012

Enjoy the silence
In the middle of all this
I run city streets
- by Amiel DeGuzman

Steep hill breathing hard
Humid day oppressive air
Hate you dead possum
- By Brian Pass

Crisp morning start line
Packed tight, waiting for the sign
Butterflies release
- By Jenica Lundgren

Fearless climb uphill
This woman will run her race
A warrior in pink
- by Elisabeth R.

Jog stroller baby
Now chases on training wheels
My son grows; I run
- by Robyn Reed

one run at a time
I shed her and find myself
running has changed me
- by Sasha Johns

Feet pound, present in
Borderline addiction.
I vanish in my breath
- by Michele Phillips

Salt dries on my skin.
Soaked through, red-faced and happy.
Another run done.
- by Heather H.

My six screaming kids
Chaos and stinky diapers
I run to escape
- by Annie Newman

Foggy dawn run
Five wild turkeys in the grass
I am startled, not them
- by Robyn Reed


High Honors – 2011

My graceful movements
Push my body to its peak
I breathe and enjoy
– by Theresa Roth

like a potter and
his wheel, i mold myself with
every step i take
– by Carol Jones

Winged sparrow light
over wisteria bloom
trail dust gathers early
– by Matt S.

Feet beat a rhythm;
Release in fluid stride,
Peace found within.
– by Katy Fetzer

Trail run – my canvas
Colors of sweat, pain and tears
Painting my soul free
– by Laura Lambert

Breaking through the wind
The rhythm of my cadence
Music to my soul
– by Lauren H.

steady pace controlled
mindful not to hit the wall
breath and body one
– by Jodi Yamane

Starlight I feel you
I am drawn to run
bathed by your ancient light
– by Brian P.

Feet hit the ground
With each stride I feel release
The day’s stress is gone
– by Lauren H.

Water rushes past
Gliding, I come up for air
The race is underway
– by Anthony Ellis, M.D.

Impossible time
Wellesley screams, Boylston Street dreams
Achievement sublime
– by Mike Davis

no competition
no desire for finish lines
i run just to run
– by Michael Nishioka


Plus a few more poems and poets from our 2012 contest that we’d like to mention

Tina K. sent in this beautiful series of haikus about her weight-loss journey.  Congratulations Tina!

I believe I can -
The first step to becoming
all that I can be

Old, fat, slow is me
Burning desire makes changes
One day at a time

The pounds are falling
No longer is she obese
Liking what she sees

Susan Holcombe expressed her love for her sport through this series of haikus about triathlon.  Well done Susan!

Early morning mist
rises from water like an
invitation.  Swim.

Transition to bike.
High cadence, Gain speed.  Wind bites
bare skin.  Go faster.

Run.  Lungs burn.  Need air.
Legs ache.  Want to rest.  Mind stays
strong.  Push to finish.

And finally, we must mention Joel Mitchell, who entertained us almost daily during our 2012 contest with a fresh haiku.  Interestingly, the last haiku he sent us is a great summary for our haiku contest and the active lifestyle we all love and live.  Thank you Joel.

We can lose ourselves,
Often in the things we love.
We find ourselves too.


Thank you again to everyone who has participated in our annual contest.  We greatly appreciate your connection with us.  Warrior On!